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Description: Description: It investigates verbal, visual and audiovisual language in the historical, social, cultural, aesthetic, cognitive and political dimensions, in school and non-school spaces, at different levels, stages and modalities of education. It develops researches on teaching-learning processes of the Portuguese language, foreign languages and mathematics; literacy, reading and writing; literature; art and education; communication and technologies; teacher education. It also includes education policies geared to these objects and to issues related to social differences and inequalities.

Prof. Dr. Cesar Cola
Prof. Dr. Cleonara Maria Schwartz
Prof. Dr. Cláudia Maria Mendes Gontijo
Profa. Dra. Gerda Margit S. Foerste
Prof. Dr.Kyria Rebeca N. L. Finardi
Prof. Dr. Maria Amélia Dalvi Salgueiro
Prof. Dr. Moema Lúcia M. Rebouças
Prof. Dr. Robson Loureiro
Prof. Dr. Vania Maria P. dos Santos-Wagner

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
PPGE Additional languages, methodologies and technologies for L2 teaching and internationalization 01/03/2018 60
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