Education, Human Education and Public Policies

Description: Description: This research line consists of the articulation of investigations that cover the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological and political science that guide the research on education in its formative processes and in its public policies. It investigates education in the context of human rights, labor, social justice, inequality, democracy, as well as research on social movements and their educational processes; organization of school work; management of educational systems; planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies in contemporary education. It carries out comparative studies in educational policies.

Prof. Dr. Edna castro de Oliveira
Prof. Dr. Eliza Bartolozzi Ferreira
Prof. Dr. Gilda Cardoso Araújo
Prof. Dr. Juçara Luzia Leite
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Lima
Prof. Dr. Maria Elizabeth B. de Barros
Prof. Dr. Vania Carvalho Araújo

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