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Welcome to Post Graduate Program in Education (PPGE) at Ufes

  • Description: This research line consists of the articulation of investigations in the fields of curriculum, teaching, teacher education and the history of education. It investigates the political-cultural theories-practices in the multiple contexts of learning and the environment, in their epistemological unfolding. It covers issues related to the ethical-aesthetic-political dimensions of the different educational networks, the processes of subjectivation, the affirmation of difference and the complex challenges, impacts and movements of creation and resistance to the processes of inequality experienced in contemporary society.

    Profa. Dra. Ana Carolina Galvão Marsiglia
    Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Ferraço
    Prof. Dr. Erineu Foerste
    Prof. Dr. Geide Coelho
    Profa. Dra. Janete Magalhães Carvalho
    Profa.Dra. Martha Tristão
    Profa.Dra. Regina Helena S. Simões
    Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Sarruge Molina
    Profa.Dra. Rosianny Campos Berto
    Profa.Dra. Sandra Kretli da Silva
    Profa. Dra. Silvana Venturim
    Profa.Dra. Tânia Mara Zanotti Guerra Frizzera Delboni
    Profa.Dra. Valdete Côco

  • Description: It investigates verbal, visual and audiovisual language in the historical, social, cultural, aesthetic, cognitive and political dimensions, in school and non-school spaces, at different levels, stages and modalities of education. It develops researches on teaching-learning processes of the Portuguese language, foreign languages and mathematics; literacy, reading and writing; literature; art and education; communication and technologies; teacher education. It also includes education policies geared to these objects and to issues related to social differences and inequalities.

    Profa. Dra. Cleonara Maria Schwartz
    Profa. Dra. Cláudia Maria Mendes Gontijo
    Profa. Dra. Debora Cristina de Araújo
    Profa. Dra. Gerda Margit S. Foerste
    Profa. Dra. Kyria Rebeca N. L. Finardi
    Profa. Dra. Maria Amélia Dalvi Salgueiro
    Profa. Dra. Moema Lúcia M. Rebouças
    Profa. Dra. Priscila Monteiro Chaves
    Prof. Dr. Robson Loureiro
    Profa. Dra. Vania Maria P. dos Santos-Wagner

  • Description: This research line consists of the articulation of investigations that cover the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological and political science that guide the research on education in its formative processes and in its public policies. It investigates education in the context of human rights, labor, social justice, inequality, democracy, as well as research on social movements and their educational processes; organization of school work; management of educational systems; planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies in contemporary education. It carries out comparative studies in educational policies.

    Profa. Dra. Edna castro de Oliveira
    Profa. Dra. Eliza Bartolozzi Ferreira
    Profa. Dra. Gilda Cardoso Araújo
    Prof. Dr. Marcelo Lima
    Profa. Dra. Maria Elizabeth B. de Barros
    Profa. Dra. Sandra Soares Della Fonte
    Profa. Dra. Vania Carvalho Araújo
    Prof. Dr. Wagner dos Santos

  • Description: It investigates the constitution of public target subjects of special education immersed in inclusive school and non-school educational practices. Its main themes are: education, school and processes of inequality and inclusion / exclusion; special education policies in basic education and higher education; bilingual education policies for the deaf; teaching and learning processes in the field of special education; pedagogical practices and curriculum in an inclusive perspective; teacher education, Brazilian sign language (Libras) translators/interpreters and special education stake holders; comparative studies in special education.

    Prof. Dr. Alexandro Braga Vieira
    Profa. Dra. Denise Meyrelles de Jesus
    Prof. Dr. Douglas Melo Christian Ferrari de Melo
    Prof. Dr. Edson Pantaleão Alves
    Prof. Dr. Hiran Pinel
    Profa. Dra. Ivone Martins de Oliveira
    Profa. Dra. Lucyenne Mattos da Costa Vieira Machado
    Profa. Dra. Mariangela Lima de Almeida
    Prof. Dr. Reginaldo Célio Sobrinho
    Prof. Dr. Rogério Drago
    Profa. Dra. Sonia Lopes Victor

PPGE is a strictu senso post graduate program in Education in the State of Espirito Santo which offers Master, Doctorate courses and Postdoctoral studies.
The program is located in Vitoria/ES and its aim is to contribute to Brazilian education through the study, research and theory development of knowledge in the field of education.

The program is based in Vitória-ES, offering the course of Doctorate in Education since 2004 e the course of Master in Education since 1978 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 5 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 574 masters and 261 doctors and counts with 163 students regularly enrolled, being 50 in the masters and 113 in the doctorate.

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