In 2018, the thesis of our student Elda Alvarenga was awarded by the Secretariat of Culture of Espírito Santo, through the Project Selection Notice nº 008/2018 - selection and incentive to the production and dissemination of texts on history, memory and biography and critical essay on the culture of Espírito Santo by authors residing in Espírito Santo. Her work entitled "Primary teachers: the pioneers in the feminization of the teaching profession in Espírito Santo (1845-1920) was developed in the doctoral course under the guidance of Professor Regina Simões.

Another award-winning thesis was by student Gustavo Henrique Araujo Forde for Edital 007/2017 - Production and dissemination of literary works from the Secult State Culture Fund. The thesis was published in a book by Editora Vozes, entitled Negras na História da Educação.

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