The Central Library (BC) is a supplementary body linked directly to the Rectory and coordinates the technical procedures of all units of the Integrated System of Libraries of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (SIB-Ufes) necessary to provide information for Teaching, Research activities , Extension and Administration of Ufes.

At the Education Center, the Sectoral Library exchanges printed periodicals in the field of education. It provides terminals for consulting the SIB/UFES collection and CAPES Portal, access to Ebooks in the area of education (we have 19 national EBOOKS in the area of education, published by Editora SENACSP) and the Social Sciences Collection that deals with the daily life of children and access to the CAPES Portal, with enrollment link, inside or outside the vicinity of UFES we have the ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE WITH 1,032 journal titles all in the area of Education.

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