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General regulation on Teaching Internship:The Teaching Internship is compulsory for all students who are in the condition of CAPES/DS scholarship holders, as provided in Decree MEC / CAPES nº 76/2010.
Decree MEC/CAPES Nº 76/2010 of 14 April 2010:
Teaching internship
Art 18. The teaching internship is an integral part of post-graduate training, aiming at preparing for teaching, and the qualification of undergraduate education, it is compulsory for all scholarship recipients of the Social Demand Program, obeying the following criteria:
I - for the program that has the two levels, master's and doctorate, the obligation will be restricted to the doctorate
II - for the program that has only the masters level, the compulsory teaching experience will be transferred to the master's degree
III - Institutions that do not offer undergraduate courses should join other higher education institutions to meet the requirements of the teaching internship
IV - The teaching internship may be remunerated at Institution's discretion, prohibited from using resources passed on by CAPES
V - The minimum duration of the teaching stage will be one semester for the master's degree and two semesters for the doctorate and the maximum duration for the master's degree will be two semesters and three semesters for the doctorate
VI - The CAPES/DS Grants Committee must register and evaluate the teaching experience for postgraduate credit purposes, as well as to define the supervision and follow-up of the internship
VII - the professor of higher education, who proves such activities, will be exempted from the teaching intership
VIII - The teaching internship activities should be compatible with the research area of the postgraduate program.
IX - It will be possible to carry out the teaching internship in the public high school system, if there is a specific articulation among the education systems agreed by the competent authorities and observing the other conditions established in this article.
X - The maximum teaching time will be 4 hours per week.Specific Observations on the Teaching Internship Program:
Teacher Internship:

The Professional Master's Degree in Education Postgraduate Program is aimed at education professionals who are in effective exercise in Basic Education schools, in Education departments and also technicians and teachers who work in higher education institutions, based on theoretical- methodologies that value professional experience and the articulation between theory and practice.

The fact that the PPGMPE articulates a training process with Education professionals in effective professional practice and that the master's students are partially released and their workplaces favor the composition of another logic of internship in teaching: the activities are carried out in the spaces where master's students work, being accompanied by their respective advisors.

With that, articulation of the theories consolidated in the course of classes/guidelines with the pedagogical work experienced in their workplaces is constant. The space-times and orientation also promote the articulation between the theoretical debates unleashed in the classes, the research projects of the master's students, the composition of the products and new perspectives of action in their workplaces. Thus, the articulation between theory and practice is permanent.

In 2017, we had the first group of master's students from the PPGMPE and all of them carry out professional activities in Departments of Education, Municipal Councils of Education and teaching, pedagogical coordination and school management in units of Early Childhood Education, Elementary and High School. We also have master's students who are administrative technicians in Basic Education and Higher Education. In this way, the “internship activities” are permanent, considering that master's students are not absent from their workplaces, constantly promoting the articulation between theory and practice.

Bearing in mind that the preparation of dissertations and products maintains a fruitful dialogue with the issues present in the workplaces where the master's students work, the PPGMPE advisors have closely followed the activities of these subjects, as well as inserting themselves in the space-times in that they act, composing, in a way, monitoring/intervention processes in the students' work locus.

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