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According to the UFES Institutional Development Plan (PDI 2015-2019), UFES 'mission is to generate scientific, technological, educational, cultural and social advances, through teaching, research and extension, producing, transferring and socializing knowledge and innovations that contribute to the formation of citizens, aiming at sustainable development at the regional, national and international levels. PPGE is committed to contributing to the execution of this mission and, for this purpose, seeks to develop partnership actions with national and international institutions as a mechanism for exchanging knowledge and technologies, as well as politically and pedagogically integrating PPGE in the national and international post-graduate scenario. -graduation with a view to its scientific and social strengthening.
PPGE professors carry out various activities for the extension and dissemination of their research through the publication of scientific articles and books, participation in scientific and cultural events, interviews in local and national media, as can be seen in the technical production of teachers. There are several actions to disseminate knowledge produced within the scope of the Program. Courses, events, publications, provide the external community of UFES with access to innovations and developments in academic research.
PPGE, through the work of its professors and students, mainly graduates, is involved in several educational and social impact and insertion activities that attest to the program's contribution in the transfer of knowledge and technologies to different segments both at the local level, regional as well as national. In addition, PPGE has been contributing to integration and cooperation with other educational institutions, both in Espírito Santo and in other states, providing professional training in the field of education and increasing the development of research and local and national graduate studies.
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