Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in a Foreign Language?
At the Language Center at Ufes or other higher education institutions or language schools.

Can professionals on temporary assignment participate in the selection process?
Yes, to apply for the Professional Master's in Education course, it is necessary for the professional to present a statement that proves his current performance at the time of registration.

What types of postgraduate courses are offered?
Currently, the program offers the stricto sensu post-graduate course of Professional Masters in Education.

Are postgraduate courses paid or free?
The Professional Master's in Education course at UFES is free of charge as it is funded directly by the federal government, and only a registration fee is charged in the admission selection process.

Do Master's and Doctorate courses require full-time dedication?
The student must have time available to attend disciplines, develop activities in laboratories, participate in seminars, supervision meetings and prepare his dissertation or thesis.

What times are the courses taught?
Usually between 8 am and 5 pm. They are dependent on several factors that occur throughout the course: professors' availability, student demand, availability of physical space, etc., which only allows the semester planning of the timetable.

Do you have a scholarship? How many?
The Graduate Program in Professional Master's does not have scholarships as it is intended for professionals in effective exercise in the field of education.

Do you offer a weekend course?
UFES Master's and Doctorate courses are offered within the institution's annual academic calendar. Classes and other activities are distributed throughout the year, allowing students to interact with a research group where they will develop their dissertation or thesis. This model, which is recommended by Capes, is incompatible with courses that are concentrated during vacation periods or on weekends.

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