The students and teachers of the Graduate Program in Education have the services of the following libraries:
The Program has access to the UFES INTEGRATED LIBRARY SYSTEM (SIB / UFES), which has six units: Central Library, Sectorial Technological Library, Sectoral Library of Health Sciences, Sectorial Library of CEUNES, Sectorial Library of Agricultural Sciences and Sectorial Library from Nedtec. SIB / UFES has 263,704 copies, 115,693 of which are titles and 2,438 of periodicals.
Of these units, those of greatest interest to the Program are the Central Library and the Sectorial Library of the Education Center. In addition, the Program also has a collection available in the laboratories, acquired with resources from various research projects.
The Central Library, a supplementary body directly linked to the Rectory, is the unit that coordinates the technical procedures of all units of the SIB / UFES necessary to provide information for the activities of Teaching, Research, Extension and Administration at UFES. It has a collection of 189,125 copies and 90,499 book titles and 4208 copies and 2,952 dissertation and thesis titles.
The SIB / UFES is computerized with more than a hundred computers connected to the internet. We have actively participated in the CAPES PERIODIC PORTAL, which is an invaluable tool for the development of research work, particularly in Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Courses. In addition to accessing the SIB / UFES facilities, teachers and students also access the CAPES Portal from the various teaching units. In addition to this direct access within UFES facilities, professors, students, researchers and UFES employees can access the CAPES Journal Portal from outside UFES in two ways: (cf.): I - Through the Federated Academic Community (CAFe ), using the link MY SPACE in the upper right corner of the Portal page, the person uses the institutional identification of UFES, as UFES has been part of CAFe since 2011; II - Through the SAR - CAPES Journal Access Remote Service, which was created in late 2008 through a partnership between the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PRPPG), the Data Processing Center (NPD) ) and the Central Library.
SIB / UFES is part of the following networks: PERGAMUM, BIREME, COMUT, BIBLIODATA, REBAP, REBAE, CCN, ISTEC. Among the services offered by SIB / UFES we highlight:
- Online catalog;
- Home loan;
- User training;
- Bibliographic survey;
- Guidance and Standardization of Academic Works;
- Bibliographic switching;
- Reservation of the bibliography used in the courses;
- Cataloging in Publication;
- Web page;
- Digital library;
- Loan between libraries;
- Orientation and training on the Journal Portal;
- Publication of Dissertations and Theses in the Digital Library
Its purpose is to assist students and teachers of the Education Center by borrowing books, consulting the collection of periodicals, which is updated through exchanges carried out by the Graduate Program in Education. In addition, it maintains for consultation all the dissertations and theses defended in the Program. The updating of the collection has also been financed by PETROBRAS and there has been an effort by the Education Center to ensure that the collection is updated and to seek other forms of financing. The building that will house the new sector library and 6 from Laboratories and Centers.
Among the goals for the near future is the increase of the collection, as well as the maintenance of its timeliness. The sector library, after the move, to the new building, will be fully computerized.
Thus, we seek to guarantee basic reference conditions for all basic lines and areas of education
Finally, it is necessary to mention the UFES DIGITAL THESIS AND DISSERTATIONS LIBRARY (BDTD / UFES). It was created in 2006, and makes available, in full, the content of the Theses and Dissertations defended in the stricto sensu Postgraduate courses at UFES, and is integrated with the National BDTD, maintained by IBICT. This BDTD complies with CAPES Ordinance No. 13, of February 15, 2006, which requires the submission of Theses and Dissertations in printed and electronic media and its availability on the internet.
OTHER UFES SECTORAL LIBRARIES (general information):
The Sectorial Library of the Health Sciences Center is located on the University Campus of Maruípe and occupies an area of ​​1,200 m2. The Library is a Cooperating Center of the BIREME Network. It has 4 rooms for group study and a photocopying service. The collection consists of approximately 20,750 copies and 7,770 book and thesis titles and 450 periodical titles.
The Sectorial Technological Library, located on the University Campus of Goiabeiras, has a specific collection of approximately 3,548 copies and 1,909 book titles, 652 copies and 587 titles of dissertations and theses and 3 microcomputers with direct access to bibliographic research on the Internet in broadband.
The newly opened Sectorial Library of Agricultural Sciences is located on the University Campus of Alegre, occupying an area of ​​1,285 m2. It has a collection of 20,376 copies and 7,189 book titles and 837 copies and 581 dissertation and thesis titles.
The CEUNES Sectorial Library is located in the University Campus of São Mateus. It has a collection of 16,138 copies and 5,537 book titles.
The NEDTEC Sectorial Library is located in the municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro and attends the courses in Forestry and Wood Industry. It has a collection of 1,752 copies and 1,116 titles.
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