Information technology resources

The Education Center has, at the disposal of students, a computer lab, equipped with:
•30 computers connected to the Internet;
•1 Fixed data-show (installed on the laboratory ceiling);
•1 Digital whiteboard;
•1 High power sound system – 2 amplified speakers in line;
•1 Laser Printer;
•1 flatbed scanner;
•1 Computer dedicated to the data show, digital whiteboard and high power sound system – exclusive use for teachers, lab servers and students
previously authorized;
•1 Computer dedicated to the printer and scanner for exclusive use by the laboratory's servers to meet user demand.
•Internet browsers;
• Office 2007 package;
• PDF file readers/converters;
• File Compressor;
•Players of multimedia files;
• CD/DVD recorder program (not all computers have a recorder);
•Monitor and blocker program for social networks and pornography.

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