Egress Profile: The professional egress from the MPE will be able to articulate interdisciplinary knowledge arising from the lines that integrate the program, in the search for solutions to problems that affect the education of children, adolescents, young people and adults, as well as the management of educational processes that transcend classroom spaces. It will be able to act in teaching, management, research, and extension in educational spaces, using the application of knowledge produced based on methodological rigor, scientific and technological foundations

Monitoring of graduates: Considering that the teaching activities of master's students belonging to the PPGMPE began in the second half of 2017, we still do not have graduates. However, through guidance between professors and students, there are follow-up processes for master's students, whether in terms of disciplines, research projects, product development, social inclusion and advice on issues that emerge in their workplaces. We have been composing research and extension projects always at the interface with the students' training and professional issues.

The planning of the PGMPE provides for the follow-up of graduates. In this planning, we seek to evaluate the impact/relationship of the participation of graduates in the Professional Master's and their dissertations/products in their spaces of action/society. It is also expected to know other links that can be established by graduates with the title of Master in Education in the professional modality and, for this purpose, actions have been planned to
monitoring of future graduates in order to achieve the following objectives:

a) Check the performance of the graduate in the professional and socioeconomic environment;
b) Evaluate the performance of the CE/UFES Professional Master's Course in Education, by monitoring the professional development of graduates;
c) Keep up-to-date information on graduates;
d) Encourage the continuing education of graduates through insertion in Doctoral and Extension Courses, as well as participation in lectures, seminars, workshops and other actions developed by PPGMPE and its partners;
e) Enable the participation of graduates in specific actions of each course;
f) Provide an institutional environment for interaction with graduates;
g) Strengthen relations with other postgraduate programs and universities in which graduates come to participate.
h) Compose a committee to monitor PPGMPE graduates.

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