Distance learning

Seeking to enhance the training processes of master's students, the PPGMPE resorts to some tools and assumptions of Distance Education. It has a curriculum that has a group of disciplines called the Integrator Group (I, II and III) that aims to promote interaction between the disciplines of the modules developed with the master's students during their training, forming part of the Integrator Groups, the technological networks, understood as virtual training opportunities involving student-students and student-teachers.

Technological networks are also intended for master students/supervisors to establish dialogical networks with other universities, whether via chats, email exchanges, blogs, among others. This virtual exchange allows for greater socialization of appropriate knowledge in the course of the modules, as well as in the composition of dissertations and products. Bearing in mind that PPGMPE professors establish several national and international inter-institutional actions, technological networks are shown to be
as potential spaces for the continuity of interinstitutional actions.

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