Research groups


Group 1
Special Education: professional training, pedagogical practices and school inclusion policies
Leader(s): Denise Meyrelles de Jesus
PPGMPE participants: Alexandro Braga Vieira, Mariangela Lima de Almeida and Andressa Mafezoni Caetano
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Group 2
Training, Action Research and Management in Special Education - GRUFOPES
Leader(s): Mariangela Lima de Almeida and Andressa Mafezoni Caetano
PPGMPE participants: Mariangela Lima de Almeida and Andressa Mafezoni Caetano
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Group 3
Observatory of Special Education and Educational Inclusion (OBEE)
Leader(s): Márcia Denise Pletsch and Flávia Faissal de Souza
PPGMPE participants: Andressa Mafezoni Caetano
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Group 4
Literacy, Reading and Writing
Leader(s): Cláudia Maria Mendes Gontijo; Cleonara Maria Schwartz
Participants: Dania Vieira Monteiro Costa and Dulcinéa Campos Silva
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Group 5
Campo do Espírito Santo Education Study and Research Group
Leader(s): Débora Monteiro do Amaral and Dulcinéa Campos Silva
Participants: Débora Monteiro do Amaral, Dulcinéa Campos Silva, Valter Martins Giovedi and Patrícia Gomes Rufino de Andrade
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Group 5
Cartographies, childhoods, teaching and curricula
Leader(s): Ana Paula Holzmeister
Participants: Tania Mara Zanotti Guerra Frizzera Delboni.
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Group 6
School Life and Curriculum
Leader(s): Inês Barbosa de Oliveira and Alexandra Garcia Ferreira Lima
Participants: Tania Mara Zanotti Guerra Frizzera Delboni and Sandra Kretli da Silva
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Working groups:

The infrastructure of the Ufes Education Center is made up of Research and Extension Centers that not only support the Professional Master's Graduate Program in Education in material terms, but also in terms of fostering the production of knowledge.

The nuclei bring together professors and students from the program around teaching, research and extension activities.

1) Center for Research and Extension in Curricula, Daily Life and Cultures of the Education Center of UFES (NUPEC).
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The core carries out studies and research aimed at:

a) Enhance actions that strengthen the production of studies and research in the field of the Curriculum at the UFES Education Center;

b) Strengthen partnerships with municipal and state education networks, as well as, at the Federal level, the departments and collegiate bodies of UFES and the State Technological Education Centers, in curriculum studies and research;

c) Streamline and expand exchange networks between NUPEC3/UFES and research groups at the local, regional, national and international level, in particular, groups registered in the Directory of Research Groups of CNPq in the field of curriculum;

d) Promoting political actions that can enhance training and integration/partnership networks between university and society with regard to discursive practices that establish networks for sharing knowledge and practices with curricula and everyday life;

e) exchange NUPEC3 results and experiences with the academic-scientific community and education teachers
and local, regional, national and international organizations/institutions, aiming to increase inter-institutional exchanges/partnerships.

2) The Center for Teaching, Research and Extension in Special Education (NEESP)
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It has fulfilled a pioneering and singular trajectory inside and outside the Education Center in these last ten years. It started with a group of
teachers interested in special education issues in
early nineties; it was later consolidated as an emerging group, became a laboratory and today as a core it seeks to develop actions in the area by articulating teaching, research and extension, including graduation and post-graduation.

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