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PPGE / UFES receives support from several federal and state development agencies. The main ones are:
PROAP / CAPES: Post-Graduate Support Program that finances the activities of post-graduate courses, providing better conditions for the training of human resources. Teachers and students linked to Postgraduate Programs can directly request support from the program for participation in events and other demands.
Pro-Equipment / CAPES: Program that, through a Public Notice, supports proposals that aim to meet the need for equipment aimed at improving the structure of scientific and technological research of Postgraduate Programs, in all areas of knowledge, in Public Institutions Higher Education. Investments in equipment for shared use are prioritized in the development of research in the proposing institution and in partner institutions.
CT-INFRA / FINEP: Support program, which launches calls for tenders from the CT-INFRA Sectorial Fund in order to facilitate the modernization and expansion of infrastructure and support services for research developed in public institutions of higher education and Brazilian research, for example. means of creating and renovating laboratories and purchasing equipment, for example, among other actions.
CNPq: Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the promotion of scientific and technological research and the training of human resources for research in the country, offering scholarships to students of postgraduate courses. Interested parties request scholarships of these modalities, through the coordinations of the Programs. The scholarships are directly controlled by the course coordinators, who select students and register with CNPq.
FAPES: Organ whose mission is to promote Science, Technology and Innovation actions for the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the State of Espírito Santo. Among the various forms of support for research, FAPES grants Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate scholarships in annual selections of projects and researchers. The scholarships are requested and controlled directly by the coordinators of the Postgraduate Programs that promote the selection of fellows.
PRINT / CAPES: CAPES Internationalization Program that aims to promote the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic internationalization plans for institutions in the areas of knowledge prioritized by them; encourage the formation of international research networks with a view to improving the quality of academic production linked to postgraduate studies; expand the actions to support internationalization in the graduate programs of the contemplated institutions; promote the mobility of teachers and students, with an emphasis on doctoral students, post-doctoral students and teachers abroad and abroad for Brazil, linked to stricto sensu graduate programs with international cooperation; foster the transformation of participating institutions in an international environment; and integrate other CAPES promotion actions into the internationalization effort.
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