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PPGE has invested in the maintenance and renovation of computer equipment, in order to better serve the administrative work of the Program's general secretary and the student and teaching staff. In addition, the entire PPGE building has free internet with access for teachers, students and guests.
Currently, the program has a significant number of data shows, notebooks, computers used by teachers and servers. It has a study room for students, consisting of computers connected to the internet and qualitative research software NVIVO. All the computers in the building are networked, connected to the Data Processing Center, using optical fiber.
In addition, the Education Center has two laboratories for use by students and teachers.
Laboratory I has:
35 Computers connected to the Internet;
1 fixed data-show (installed on the laboratory roof);
1 digital whiteboard;
1 High power sound system - 2 amplified speakers in line;
1 Computer dedicated to the data show, digital whiteboard and high power sound system - exclusive use for teachers, laboratory servers and previously authorized students;
1 Computer with printer and scanner for the exclusive use of laboratory servers for administrative demand.
And Laboratory II has:
15 Computers connected to the Internet;
The PPGE secretariat is also computerized, which facilitates the optimization of the students' academic registration and follow-up work, in support of the teaching and research activities of the teachers and their specific administrative functions.
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