Interinstitutional Doctorate (DINTER)

The Interinstitutional Doctorate - DINTER - aims to allow the use of the competence of graduate programs evaluated with a score equal to or higher than 5 and recognized by the National Council of Education / Ministry of Education for, based on well-structured forms of partnership or interinstitutional cooperation, enabling the training of masters and doctors outside the most consolidated teaching and research centers / regions.
Thus, DINTER seeks to promote a higher degree of qualification of human resources, with the main objective of enabling the training of masters and doctors to work in teaching and / or research, in addition to subsidizing the creation of new stricto sensu graduate programs; assist in strengthening research groups; and promoting cooperation between teaching and research institutions.
The Coordination of the Postgraduate Program in Education / Education Center of the Federal University of Espírito Santo in partnership with the Federal Institute of Minas Gerais states that, from August 20 to September 28, 2018, registration will be open for the selection process of the Interistitutional Doctorate course (DINTER) for admission to the PPGE in the academic year 2019.
Attention: Only for permanent employees of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Minas Gerais with which the PPGE / UFES carried out the institutional partnership to offer DINTER.
Annex 1 - Registration form
Annex 2 - Form for special assistance
Annex 6 - Own Appeal Form
Resolution PPGE / CE / UFES 001/2018 norms for the Selection Process for admission to Master's and Doctorate courses
1st Phase Result - Registration
Result of 1st phase resources
Result of the evaluation stage of the research project
Result of resources 1st Stage
2nd Stage Result
Result of the 3rd. stage
Final result
Notice: We inform that the oral test will be held in the city of Vitória-ES, on the premises of PPGE / CE / UFES, on the days announced in the first stage result table.
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