Name: Patricia Teixeira Moschen Lievore
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/07/2020

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Douglas Christian Ferrari de Melo Advisor *

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Douglas Christian Ferrari de Melo Advisor *
Eduardo Augusto Moscon Oliveira Internal Examiner *
Vanderlei Balbino da Costa External Examiner *

Summary: The study aimed at analyzing the importance of school manager practice on the articulation of public educational policies directed to visually impaired students in the municipality of Colatina-Espirito Santo State from October 2019 through April 2020 when challenges were investigated and a few possibilities were shown. Visually impaired students education faces nowadays several challenges such as the construction of alternative ways/differentiated instructional process, teacher development programs, special education resources for this target group, public policies that can guarantee their access to historically-built content, school community involvement and decentralized school management. As theoretical framework, I have used both Gramsci’s concept of State, which have promoted a Marxist conception expansion, as well as his education conception. The research methodology chosen was ethnography assuming that in order to understand routine as well as the challenges faced by school managers it is necessary a closer look, an in-depth integration into reality. The research subjects were two managers from a state and a municipal school in Colatina-ES. As research tools I have chosen participant observation, audio recorded semi-structured interviews and the analysis of school documentation. The results have confirmed that managers face many challenges including the total lack of a Special Needs Educational Program for teachers and school managers, and educational public policies directed to this target group. The result analysis has made it possible to generate a proposal for an extension course on School Management and Special Education aimed at managers, teaching staff, pedagogues, special education members, school counseling members and future municipality representatives in Colatina-ES.

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