Name: Islene da Silva Vieira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2020

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Mariangela Lima de Almeida Advisor *

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Denise Meyrelles de Jesus External Examiner *
Douglas Christian Ferrari de Melo Internal Examiner *
Lucélia Cardoso Cavalcante Rabelo External Examiner *
Mariangela Lima de Almeida Advisor *
Marileide Gonçalves França External Examiner *

Summary: This research aims to collaborate, by means of collaborative-critical action research, with the formative pathway of a group of public managers of Special Education in the State of Espírito Santo, in a perspective of communicative rationality. Using the path analysis of a study-reflection group, it sought to identify theoretical and methodological elements that have contributed to the formation of public managers of Special Education. Focuses the process of monitoring and collaboration along with a group of managers in the organization of the Special Education Managers Forum of the State of Espírito Santo. It is based on Jüngen Habermas' theory of communicative action, with an emphasis on the concepts of Communicative Rationality, Discourse and Argument. Of a qualitative nature, it assumes the theoretical-methodological perspective of collaborative-critical action research, in a process that took place in two movements: the comprehension of the formative pathway of the study-reflection group and the movement of collaboration with the managers of the Forum Collegiate. The data production used strategies such as: documental and bibliographic analysis of scientific productions; participant observation at meetings of the collegiate and in the plenaries of the Special Education Managers Forum, with registers in field journal and recordings with aftermost transcriptions; narratives written by managers; besides presencial and/or virtual formal and informal dialogues. The data produced were organized into thematic axes and categories that emerged during the investigation process. The readings, reflections, and analysis of the managers' arguments led to an interpretation and analysis of these data in a communicative action perspective of Habermas (2012, 2013). The path of the study-reflection group about Special Education Management reveals the power of the research, of the self-reflection, and of the collaboration in the construction of formative processes that contribute to the constitution of the manager's identity and its autonomy and evidences that the Forum planning meetings and plenary sessions constitute discursive spaces supported by argumentative speech and mutual understanding. The study features as an educational product the collaborative construction of an Executive Secretary to coordinate/organize/administrate the demands placed by the Special Education Managers Forum of the State of Espírito Santo which culminates in the production of an e-book.

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