Name: Welington Keffer
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2020

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Douglas Christian Ferrari de Melo Advisor *

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Douglas Christian Ferrari de Melo Advisor *
José Eduardo Costa Silva External Examiner *
Vilson Zattera External Examiner *
Vitor Gomes Internal Examiner *

Summary: The research is a dissertation of a professional master’s program in Education and its theme is the musical learning process among people with visual deficiencies. The purpose of the research refers to the problems blind students in the State High School “Zulmira Conceição Keffer” lived during learning music notation. The study sought to comprehend how the practice of braille music notation can mediate the intrapsychic processes of understanding the scientific concepts of written music notation of the same institution already mentioned. The literary revision realized from practical contents how congenital blind persons learn music notation. In this fashion, it is possible to observe and comprehend that scientific concepts of music notation must be mediated via tools and signs which ensure the access to the information contained in the already cited traditional music notation. We tried to show from the precept that the absence of image references can castrate the formative process of said students. However, it does not mean that the students are impeached of learning and developing the skills, based on the study of Vygotsky (1896-1934). Therefore, there was work in the social interaction, internalization and formation of scientific concepts. It is a research of an applied nature, descriptive and of formation of qualitative approach. The production of data was done via a case study. The instrument chosen was the interview in online manner through WhatsApp because of the protocols of Covid-19. The people involved were four teachers of special education of the institution and three music teacher. In order to organize and interpret the data we used the technique of data analysis by Laurence Bardin.

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