Name: Julio Cesar Alves dos Santos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/10/2021

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Renata Duarte Simoes Advisor *

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Edson Maciel Peixoto External Examiner *
Itamar Mendes da Silva Internal Examiner *
Maria das Graças Ferreira Lobino External Examiner *
Renata Duarte Simoes Advisor *

Summary: The collegiate bodies have been analyzed from the perspective of innovation in the democratic process, and intervening in the development of public policies; as they mediate between organized civil society and government bodies, with a very influential participation, representing organized social forces and contributing to the strengthening of new political subjects, with the development of public policies aimed at the population. The proposal of this research is based on the principle that the elaboration and execution of public policies have their point of origin in the debate of collegiate bodies; and, when it comes to education, in the Municipal Education Councils (CMEs). We established the Vila Velha CME in order to understand how its activities and actions provide quality education in impoverished areas, as we are based on the provision of education offered in an equal and universal way. This research follows the direction of seeking in the aforementioned council its productions, debates and deliberations, in order to verify the repercussions of these processes, in impoverished spaces, such as the Greater Red Land Region (RGTV), in Vila Velha. Thus, one of the aspects to be investigated, together with the agency, is to understand how the performance of the CMEVV, with its actions, allows it to offer quality education in impoverished regions, characterized by poverty and extreme poverty. We base ourselves on authors who transit in related themes, among which are Bordignon (1993; 2000; 2020); Cararo (2015), Dourado (1998),
Freire (1987; 1996; 2005), Gohn (1990; 2000; 2003; 2004), Monlevade (2000; 20130,
Paro (1997; 2010); Saviani (2011; 2013), Parada (2001) Yannoulas (2010; 2012; 2013) and Sposati (1997; 2000). These authors provide us with arguments to develop the debate on the role of councils, as collegiate bodies in the process of public management, together with other subjects; they also underlie the process of development of education, with quality, in impoverished spaces, as well as the actions that the councils of education in the municipalities carry out, in the configuration of democratic management and in the protagonism in the elaboration of public policies. an Insert Book, aiming to guide and support the Education Councils, in addition to visiting their history, at all times.

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